New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photos Show Rey and Luke Skywalker Having a Stare-Down

Photo: Lucasfilm

While the blitz of promo pictures, trailers, and TV spots for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been nowhere near as intense as the 2015 media rollout for The Force Awakens, every now and then Star Wars fans have been placated with pictures or videos to tide them over until Episode VIII’s December 15 release date. Speaking of which, Lucasfilm just released ten new photos from The Last Jedi, and one of them shows Rey and Luke Skywalker having a bit of a stare-down right in front of his rustic stone hut. We’re also given more glimpses into the Jedi master and student’s life together on Luke’s remote island, a look at what Finn is up to since he’s recuperated from his lightsaber wounds, and a few photos of the Resistance’s best pilot Poe Dameron. Check out all the new photos below.

Rey stares off into the horizon holding her staff. Photo: Lucasfilm
Poe sits in the cockpit of his X-wing. Photo: Lucasfilm
Finn and Rose get up close and personal in front of what looks like the Star Wars galaxy’s version of a upscale casino. Photo: Lucasfilm
Rey and Luke look to be in somewhat of impasse as they stare each other down outside of Luke’s rustic stone hut. Photo: Lucasfilm
Finn and Rose, a maintenance worker for the Resistance. Photo: Lucasfilm
Poe and a Resistance fighter running. Photo: Lucasfilm
Luke broods while wearing a leather-like robe that blends in with the rocks behind him. Photo: Lucasfilm
Rey walks the cliffs. Photo: Lucasfilm
General Hux escaped the destruction of the Starkiller base and is back in command. Photo: Lucasfilm
And it would appear that Captain Phasma somehow managed to escape that trash compactor on the Starkiller base. Photo: Lucasfilm
New Last Jedi Pics Show Rey and Luke Having a Stare-Down