Stephen Colbert Literally Bronzed His Butt to Show It Off at the Emmys

Colbert. Bronzer not pictured. Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Vulture Festiva

Stephen Colbert has had quite the year already, but if he gets his way, he’ll get even more exposure during Sunday night’s Emmy Awards — literally. While discussing his plans for hosting the awards show on The Talk, the Late Show host teased what viewers can expect from the ceremony. “We have an opening musical number I hope everybody likes, we have some surprise guests — couple more just came through today — and we also have nudity,” Colbert said. “I wish it was a 22-year-old guy who’s nude, but it’s me.” Colbert insisted he wasn’t kidding, noting how legal issues have affected the amount of bronzer that’s been placed on his rear:

We are in negotiations with CBS right now — because CBS has got the Emmys this year— about how much of my butt we can show. Because evidently, and I did not know this, you cannot show butt crack on broadcast television. I said, “Wait a second, I don’t even get to show my butt crack after getting totally naked? Do you know how much bronzer was rubbed on my body? Do you have any idea how intimate I have known my makeup lady? We’ve worked together for 20 years, we’ve never been more intimate than this week.”

Be sure to tune in to CBS at 8 p.m. on Sunday to see just how much of Colbert’s crack makes it to air.

Stephen Colbert Bronzed His Butt to Show It Off at the Emmys