emmys 2017

Stephen Colbert Brings on Chance the Rapper and Some Dancing Handmaids for His Musical Emmys Intro

Stephen Colbert kicked off the 69th Emmy Awards with a musical journey across all the most uplifting television America has to offer — you know, like This Is Us. After talking about how depressing real life is — with global warming, Trump, and, according to Allison Janney, HBO “bringing back the Confederacy” — Colbert embraced the lighthearted escapism of Veep, The Americans (“Even treason’s better on TV!”), and The Handmaid’s Tale (“Look on the bright side, handmaids, at least your health care’s free”). To cap it all off, Colbert recruited Chance the Rapper to sing about the importance of keeping your focus on the important stuff, and also on TV, because, you know, this is the Emmys.

See Stephen Colbert’s Musical Emmys Intro