emmys 2017

Emmys Host Stephen Colbert Bares His Stephen Colbutt in a Westworld-Style Checkup

Midway through the Emmys, Stephen Colbert began to malfunction and started to question reality, which he has apparently done “every day since November 8.” So like any too-peppy-to-be-real humanoid, he was brought in to Jeffrey Wright for a Westworld-style check-in. Colbert got his personality optimally calibrated, and like any good Westworld cast member, showed off his (blurry) butt in that weird futuristic chair all the hosts have to sit in.

Also, because every bit could use Tituss Burgess in a cowboy getup, the Kimmy Schmidt star stopped by to sip from a heart-shaped straw. Bleep-bloop, whatever!

Stephen Colbert Gets a Westworld-Style Emmys Check-Up