emmys 2017

Sterling K. Brown Also Noticed Who Was Able to Give Her Full Emmys Acceptance Speech

Sterling K. Brown had to finish delivering his Emmys speech backstage. It was a low of the night: After getting his trophy for Best Actor in a Drama, Brown started giving one of the night’s best thank-yous, before his lights were cut and his mic killed. On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert, the Emmys host, said he tried to stop production from playing Brown off, but he didn’t get onstage quickly enough. “Not everybody can be pretty Australian white women who have won Oscars in the past,” Brown mused on Colbert’s show. “Not that I’m blaming her. It’s not her fault,” he said, referring to Nicole Kidman’s own lengthy speech for her Big Little Lies win, delivered onstage in full. After shading the ceremony, Brown doesn’t dwell on that awkward moment in a show that was quick to congratulate its own diversity — moments later in this clip, he’s showing off his son’s booty dance.

Sterling K. Brown Shades Emmys Over Nicole Kidman Speech