show us the booty

Give the People Sterling K. Brown’s Booty!

We were so close! Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In the soon-to-be-filed court case the People vs. Sterling K. Brown’s modesty, we demand to see more skin. During an Emmys postmortem with Variety, the two-time winner (on Sunday, he won best actor in drama for This Is Us) has revealed the world will have to settle for (glorious) shots of his six-pack for the time being. We were close to seeing his no-doubt equally defined buttocks in his upcoming film Marshall, but a love scene with Kate Hudson in which his “full moon” would’ve been on full display was cut, because we the people have forfeited the right to good things. “It took me aback,” he says. “Kate and I both collectively were like, ‘Woah.’ I clutched my pearls! But it’s going to be good, even without the booty shot.” Booty! Shot! Drink in the phrase. Let Brown’s utterance of it wash over you. Now forget it. It’s not happening. And unless This Is Us wants to have some fun with the FCC in its second season, we won’t get Sterling’s booty there either. (But more shirtless treadmill runs, please.) Until all is revealed, here’s a photo of Brown with his Emmy and his abs:

Whew. Photo: Peter Yang for Variety/Variety

Could he also balance that Emmy on his booty? We’ll wait.

Sterling K. Brown’s ‘Booty Shot’ Got Cut From Marshall, Sigh