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Terry Crews Invented a New Chair That Will Make You Feel Like a God, According to Terry Crews

Take all your boring normal chairs, throw them in a splintered pile in your backyard and burn them. Burn them all, because Terry Crews invented a new kind of chair that, according to Terry Crews, will make you feel like the Egyptian god Horus himself. While visiting the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Crews, who studied art before entering the NFL and eventually becoming our most beloved actor, reveals he designed a furniture collection for New York–based company Bernhardt Design, during which he inadvertently created a totally new chair. Dubbed the Lilypad, it’s sort of a swivel chair attached to a coffee table, but what it actually is, isn’t really the point. According to Terry Crews, the most important part of the chair is that sitting in it will make you feel as if you’re a mythological deity emerging from a water lily in the Nile. Did Terry Crews find the design for this chair in a glowing supernatural lily pad? Is that also how Terry Crews himself was born? Is Terry Crews actually the immortal sky god Horus? Probably not, but still, pretty cool about the chair.

Terry Crews Invented a New Chair in His Spare Time