Hug Them, Brothers: The Drake Bell—Josh Peck ‘Feud’ Has Officially Ended

Our national nostalgia-tinted crisis is over, everyone. Months after former Nickelodeon stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck generated a surprising amount of petty headlines over the fact that Peck didn’t invite Bell, his supposed good friend, to his wedding (but John Stamos scored an invite!), the duo are officially burying the hatchet in the most 2017 way possible: YouTube. In a newly released video on Peck’s channel, the duo gushed about how their friendship status never changed despite the apparent wedding snub and questionable tweets from Bell. “It’s all love, it’s always been love … we’re all back together,” Peck said. Quipped Bell: “Wedding looked like it sucked anyway.” Now, if only Miranda Cosgrove was there.

The Drake Bell—Josh Peck Feud Gets the Ending It Deserves