The Food Puns in This Week’s Episode of The Good Place Are Spectacular

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

On NBC’s The Good Place, the most abundant resources are often actually curses. The so-called Good Place, which isn’t really that good, is full of clown paintings, frozen yogurt (“something so human about taking something great, and ruining it a little, so you can have more of it”), and best and/or worst of all: food puns. The show’s first season included a fine dusting of puns, but the second season — especially Thursday night’s episode, “Dance Dance Resolution” — goes whole hog on punnery.

The episode’s smorgasbord of wordplay comes courtesy of credited writer Megan Amram, who, according to Good Place creator Michael Schur, inserted “a giant paragraph full of puns” for various restaurant names in a montage where Ted Danson’s Michael constantly reboots the neighborhood. (“I think it went on for six or seven pages,” Schur said of the list. “It just went on and on and on.”) If you also appreciate a good food pun, we’ve collected every restaurant name that The Good Place served up onscreen in “Dance Dance Resolution.” Bon appétit!

Photo: NBC

• From Schmear to Eternity

• You Do the Hokey Gnocchi and You Get Yourself Some Food

• The Pesto’s Yet to Come

• Lasagna Come Out Tomorrow

• Ziti of Stars (I guess this one’s a La La Land joke)

Photo: NBC

• Cake Canaveral

• Biscotti Pippen

• Knish From a Rose

• Beignet and the Jets

• Crueller Intentions

Photo: NBC

• Steak on a Stick

• Bagel on a Stick

• Caviar on a Stick

• Hot Dog on a Stick on a Stick

• Extra Sticks (not a pun, but we’ll let it pass)

• Ponzu Scheme

• Sushi and the Banshees

• Chicken Soup for the Mouth

• Mmmm! Chowder Fountain (also not a pun, but too good to leave out)

Update: Amram shared an abridged collection of the list of puns she came up with for the episode on Twitter. Take My Tempura? Sure! is a clear standout.

Every Food Pun From This Week’s Episode of The Good Place