Tim and Eric Tease Their Broadway Show ‘Clown Town’ on ‘The Late Show’

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim never waste the opportunity to turn a late night show appearance into something as weird as possible, and that was the case again during their time on last night’s Late Show. The two walk out to the desk wearing clown suits and tell Stephen Colbert they’re working on an upcoming Broadway show called Tim & Eric’s Clown Town, which is really just Heidecker’s way of coping with his recent divorce. “I love my friend. I want him to feel good, but we’ve been doing this going on three weeks now, and it’s getting to the point, dressing up every day, it’s a bit much, and I hope he can get over the divorce,” Wareheim says. “It’s not too much, in my opinion,” Heidecker says before telling Colbert about the Broadway show. “It’s a beautiful show, because it mixes the mirth and the wonder and the excitement of clowning around with true warning for kids on how to deal with divorce.”

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