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Tom Hanks Initially Had Some Questions About Playing David S. Pumpkins

Though it might have seemed like it, Tom Hanks’s SNL skit about the great David S. Pumpkins did not spring fully formed from the minds of Mikey Day and Bobby Moynihan. Instead, as Day has discussed before, they worked their way to the idea slowly — from a sketch about a guy dancing, to a Halloween sketch, to David Pumpkins, to David S. Pumpkins. But even then, Hanks himself wasn’t sure it was going to work, according to Moynihan, who told Seth Meyers that the actor suggested they pass off the sketch to Chris Hemsworth, the following week’s host. Hanks has since teased the prospect of more David S. Pumpkins in the future, so if he ever had “any questions,” they’ve all been answered.

Tom Hanks Wanted Chris Hemsworth to Do David S. Pumpkins