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Trevor Noah Explains Trump’s ‘Genius’ Strategy for Handling North Korea

North Korea has been getting a lot of us here in America anxious lately. Just in the past month, it launched missiles over Japan and announced that it had built its most powerful nuclear weapon yet. Still, while North Korea may be “begging for war,” President Trump has a secret plan, at least according to Trevor Noah. The Daily Show host posited that maybe the commander-in-chief is onto something with his threats to end business with countries that trade with North Korea (a.k.a. America’s leading trade partner China) and his negative remarks about our ally in the region, South Korea. “Man, Donald Trump’s a genius, people,” Noah said. “Anyone can threaten an enemy, but threaten the two countries he needs most to be on his side right now? That’s genius. Trump is basically that guy right now in prison who proves he shouldn’t be messed with by shanking his own friends. That’s who he is!”

Trevor Noah Explains Trump’s ‘Genius’ North Korea Strategy