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True Detective’s Renewed Third Season Will Be Set in the Ozarks (Yes, Just Like Ozark)

Photo: HBO

It seems that the Ozarks will provide the setting for not just one dark crime drama, but two. True Detective was officially renewed for another season, and just like the Netflix drama Ozark, the third season of True Detective will also be set in the same backdrop. Unlike another HBO staple, WestworldTrue Detective’s multiple timelines are no spoiler. According to Deadline, the next season will take place over three different periods of time, which will span over three decades, and feature Oscar winner Mahershala Ali as detective Wayne Hays. In classic True Detective fashion, Wayne will try to unravel a mystery behind a grisly murder. The forthcoming season, which still doesn’t have a start date for production, will be directed by The Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier and True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto. Pizzolatto will also be the sole writer for all the episodes, except for one that he’ll co-write with David Milch.

True Detective’s Third Season Will Be Set in the Ozarks