Your Guide to All of the Bands in Twin Peaks

The one and only, Julee Cruise. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

If only we were all so lucky to have a venue like the Roadhouse in our hometowns. While Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic Twin Peaks compositions were, quite sadly, not as prevalent as we would’ve liked throughout Showtime’s epic The Return (opening theme notwithstanding), there was a repeated musical pattern that emerged over the course of the show’s 18 installments: Live bands appeared in almost all of the episodes at the quirky town’s Roadhouse, mostly providing the closing credits with a dreamy, retro melodic mood à la Lynch’s original chanteuse, Julee Cruise. Put on some headphones and enjoy every performance, below.

Episode 2


Song performed: “Shadow”

With a gorgeous electronic and synth-pop sound, the band — formed in Portland, Oregon, in 2001 — is made up of vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Ruth Radelet, Adam Miller, Nat Walker, and Johnny Jewel. Jewel is also serving as a music producer on the show.

Episode 3

The Cactus Blossoms

Song performed: “Mississippi”

Minneapolis brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum harmoniously channel a mixture of classic country-and-western acts of yesteryear with their folkish DNA. Yee-haw!

Episode 4

Au Revoir Simone

Song performed: “Lark”

Erika Forster, Annie Hart, and Heather D’Angelo share the distinction of playing keyboards in their Brooklyn-based electronic dream-pop band.

Episode 5


Song performed: “Snake Eyes”

We’ll let the nepotism slide this time around for this damn groovy tune. David Lynch’s son, Riley Lynch, as well as Dirty Beaches’ Alex Zhang Hungta and Dean Hurley — who’s a long-time music supervisor and collaborator of the elder Lynch — make up the R&B noir band Trouble, who made their musical debut on the show.

Episode 6

Sharon Van Etten

Song performed: “Tarifa”

Van Etten previously teased her “surreal” appearance on the show with us earlier this year, and her harmonious half folk, half indie melodies proved to be a perfect addition to the Roadhouse.

Episode 8

Nine Inch Nails

Song performed: “She’s Gone Away”

Hearing “Ladies and gentlemen, the Roadhouse is pleased to present the Nine Inch Nails” isn’t even the weirdest part of this episode, with the seminal industrial rockers, led by Lynch’s good pal Trent Reznor, bringing the house down with their seizure-inducing performance.

Episode 9

Au Revoir Simone

Song performed: “A Violent Yet Flammable World”

So nice, Lynch decided to feature them twice in all of their keyboard glory!

Episode 10

Rebekah del Rio

Song performed: “No Stars”

You might remember Rebekah del Rio’s face from her iconic cameo in Mulholland Drive, and she likewise brings down the house at the Roadhouse with a song co-written by Lynch. Nice Black Lodge–inspired dress, too.

Episode 12


Song performed: “Saturday”

Chromatics is now the second band to perform twice at the Roadhouse, but unlike Au Revoir Simone, they didn’t play an original song; rather, they played an instrumental cover from Johnny Jewel’s new album, Windswept.

Episode 13

James Hurley

Song performed: “Just You and I”

Whether you think James (portrayed by James Marshall) is actually “cool” is up to you. But either way, he crooned the ’50s-inspired love ballad “Just You and I” at the Roadhouse, bringing back memories of the first time he did it with Donna Hayward and Laura Palmer’s cousin, Maddy Ferguson, 25 years prior. Truly a classic camp moment!

Episode 14


Song performed: “Wild West”

The singer-songwriter specializes in a hybrid of gorgeously arranged rock, country, and folk music.

Episode 15

The Veils

Song performed: “Axolotl”

The British indie-alternative quintet showed off their haunting vocal chops — and trilby hats.

Episode 16

Eddie Vedder

Song performed: “Out of Sand”

Introduced by his birth name Edward Louis Severson, Pearl Jam’s beloved front man brought a lovely acoustic performance with nothing more than a guitar and hat — and a song that was reportedly written specifically for Twin Peaks. Follow that with an impromptu “Audrey’s Dance” with a jazz band and we arguably have the best musical episode of the season.

Episode 17

Julee Cruise

Song performed: “The World Spins”

How appropriate is it that Twin Peaks’ original chanteuse capped off the Roadhouse performances with a soaring solo performance, flanked by red drapes and blurred musicians? Saving the best for last, indeed.

Twin Peaks: Your Guide to All of the Bands