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The 5 Definitive Answers We Got in the Twin Peaks Finale

Photo: Suzanne Tenner

In Sunday night’s finale, Twin Peaks: The Return raised lots of questions about Dale Cooper & Co. But that’s all right. In true Lynchian form, we were also granted answers to several big head-scratchers that were teased throughout the season — some of which even date as far back as Fire Walk With Me. Below, we dig into the finale’s most clear-cut answers to those questions. Read on, unless you want to keep the mystery alive a bit longer.

Judy isn’t a person, but an “entity”
A few minutes into “Part 17,” we discover that Judy isn’t a mysterious woman at all. As Gordon Cole explains to his colleagues Tammy Preston and Albert Rosenfield, Judy is an “extreme negative force” that had the name “Jowday” in olden days. Cole, Dale Cooper, and Major Briggs worked together on a plan to track down this entity in the Fire Walk With Me era, but they had no luck — even though Phillip Jeffries came close to figuring out the entity’s secrets before he mysteriously disappeared. “Now the last thing Cooper told me was, ‘If I disappear like the others, do everything you can to find me. I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone,’” Cole explained. “And now this thing of two Coopers.”

Ray was an FBI informant
In Cole’s monologue about Judy, he also lets it slip that Ray Monroe — a.k.a. the scummy guy who worked with Mr. C and ultimately got himself killed at the Farm — was working with the FBI as a paid informant. Per Cole, Monroe “sent a cryptic message indicating that the Cooper we met at prison is looking for coordinates. Coordinates from a certain Major Briggs.”

Freddie defeated BOB with his special glove
All hail that magical green glove. After an orb containing BOB flies out of Mr. C’s chest hell-bent on terrorizing his surroundings — and presumably looking for a new host — Freddie knows exactly what he must do to fulfill his “destiny.” A lengthy fight scene ensues that results in both Freddie and BOB taking some critical hits, but the young Cockney man proves himself the victor in the end with a lethal punch, even after BOB emerges from flames in the ground to keep fighting. “Did I do it?!” he gleefully asks when BOB shatters into a dozen pieces. Who needs Mayweather v. McGregor when you have this?

Diane is Naido
Hey, a popular Twin Peaks theory that turned out to be true! After BOB is destroyed and Mr. C gets transported back the Red Room, the woman known as Naido touches hands with Agent Cooper and reveals herself to be the real Diane (but only after some Red Room shenanigans and the help of some black smoke coming out of her skull). Coop and Diane are smooching and reminiscing in a matter of seconds. Also, not for nothing, did you notice her black-and-white manicure with that flaming red hair? So chic.

The Jones family gets a new Dougie
Following up what was implied in “Part 16,” MIKE takes a strand of Agent Cooper’s hair and pairs it with a “seed” in the Red Room to create yet another doppelgänger for Janey-E and Sonny Jim. They’re overjoyed to have Dougie back, and frankly deserve an upstanding gent like that in their lives.

The 5 Definitive Answers We Got in the Twin Peaks Finale