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Every Time David Lynch Has Ignored Questions About Twin Peaks: The Return’s Finale Plot

Photo: Glenn Hunt/Getty

Any interviewer who’s ever had the pleasure of speaking with David Lynch — or, any fan of David Lynch in general — will tell you that he doesn’t answer questions about his work. Nada. Zilch. Want to know the plot? Too bad. What’s the meaning behind everything? Sucks for you. This was reinforced more than ever when Lynch granted two interviews after Twin Peaks: The Return ended its season earlier this month on Showtime, with everyone clamoring to know what the hell occurred with Agent Cooper and his companions in those final few scenes. (Want to try to guess what year it was?) Pulling quotes from his talk with EW and his Skype call at the Kulturni Centar Beograda in Serbia, this is what Lynch had to say when he was pressed about those narrative-type questions. Spoiler alert: It’s nothing, and his answers might make you appreciate him even more.

“Some things came to a conclusion. And some things dangled out there. And that’s sort of the way it is in life.”

“You should look at that part again, and you could see it in different ways. I’m not gonna talk about it, though.”

“I guess I just love certain things.”

“I can’t really talk about more than what you saw.”

“You know, ideas come along, so you write ’em down. I got boxes of these things. So that was one of them.”

[Laughs.] [Does not answer.]

“You know, it’s not a science lab. If it’s fun to think about them, then I would encourage it.”

“What matters is what you believe happened.”

“No, I can’t talk about that.”

“There are lots of things in life, and we wonder about them, and we have to come to our own conclusions. You can, for example, read a book that raises a series of questions, and you want to talk to the author, but he died a hundred years ago. That’s why everything is up to you.”

David Lynch Loves Ignoring Twin Peaks: The Return Questions