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Your Crush Idris Elba Reiterates That He’ll Likely Never Play James Bond

Idris Elba. Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Listen: We’ve been over this. Again. And again (and even a couple more times, too). Not matter how much you, and me, and everyone we know are desperate for Idris Elba to play James Bond, Elba himself has said — again — that it’s unlikely. Once more for the people in the back, Elba is dashing our dreams via BuzzFeed. “I think not,” he told them, when they asked if he’d play 007. He then feigned picking up the phone and asking for the role: “But you really need to ask the producers. Like I can just, ‘Hey, I’m gonna play Bond next! No, it’s Idris. Hello?’ No one wants it.” But if he won’t save the world as our next Bond, he might agree to the next best thing: a romantic comedy. “I think I should do some funnies next, just goof around a little bit. I’m pretty goofy in real life,” he said. Okay, fine. We’re in.

Your Crush Idris Elba Says He’ll Never Play James Bond