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An American Horror Story: Cult Episode Was Reedited After the Las Vegas Shooting

Photo: FX Networks/YouTube

At a New Yorker Festival panel Saturday that covered everything from Harvey Weinstein to Sex and the City 3, Ryan Murphy also talked about his decision to reedit an upcoming episode of American Horror Story: Cult after the fatal shooting at a country-music festival in Las Vegas last week. The episode, which had already been filmed in September, was set to include very graphic scenes depicting a mass shooting. “Of course it was graphic, the whole point of the piece was to be an obvious anti-gun warning about society,” he said. But after the shooting, Murphy decided to reedit the episode so that the violence would, for the most part, take place off-camera. “Probably now is not the week to have something explosive or incendiary in the culture because someone who was affected might watch that and it could trigger something,” he said. While Murphy clarified that he does believe he has the right to air it, he also wanted to be considerate of victims’ rights: “Nobody talks about victims’ rights — it’s a weird sort of emotional discussion that’s never bridged.”

An AHS Episode Was Reedited After the Las Vegas Shooting