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Andi Mack Introduces Disney Channel’s First Gay Story Line

Photo: Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel via Getty Images

During this week’s season-two premiere of Disney Channel’s Andi Mack, one of the main characters will discover his sexual identity. In the episode, Andi Mack’s best friend, Cyrus, realizes that he might have a crush on the same boy Andi is interested in. The 13-year-old tells his other pal, Buffy, about his feeling and embarks on what will be a season-long arc to discover, and eventually embrace, his gay identity. The plot is a first for the Mouse network, which reportedly consulted with child-development experts to accurately portray the adolescent LGBTQ experience. The entertainment juggernaut aired its first same-sex kiss last year in Disney XD’s animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil, in a scene that featured many couples kissing at a concert.

Andi Mack Introduces Disney Channel’s First Gay Storyline