Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump Takes a Psychological Fitness Test on ‘The President Show’

The President Show has already taken us on a tour inside Donald Trump’s terrifying mind, but during last night’s episode they took it a step further when Peter Grosz’s Mike Pence tricks Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump into visiting psychologist Dr. John Gartner, who is also the founder of a group of mental health experts advocating Trump’s removal through the 25th Amendment called Duty to Warn. What follows is a revealing psychological fitness test that, with Trump being a complete narcissist, is something he thinks he’s passed with flying colors. “Are you saying that my behavior is out of my own control because I’m so divorced from my own personality?” Trump asks. “Exactly,” Gartner responds. “So that means I’m not responsible for what I do?” “No, that’s not what I’m–” “Wow, thanks, doc! That’s perfect diagnosis.”

Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump Takes a Psychological […]