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Austin Powers Masks Are Dominating Halloween This Year Thanks to Baby Driver

Totally shagadelic choice in costume, baby. As much as the Austin Powers trilogy has been popular for Halloween costume ideas over the past decade — Dr. Evil or sexy fembots, anyone? — 2017 has seen an incredibly vast uptick in purchases that relate to the films, specifically in terms of simple rubber masks bearing Mike Myers’s bespectacled face. And yes, there’s a correlation here, Edgar Wright fans are probably yelling into the screen. It’s all thanks to Wright’s action-dramedy Baby Driver that came out this summer, which features the very silly scene of a criminal accidentally purchasing Mike Myers Austin Powers masks for a heist as opposed to, you know, slightly more spooky Michael Myers Halloween masks. As written in THR, numerous Halloween and costume websites are reporting that this specific Austin Powers mask has been consistently sold out all month, with some retailers saying the demand was so high that they couldn’t re-stock it in time for the 31st. “I’m very proud. I feel like through my career, I have given people some very easy Halloween costumes,” Wright told THR. Myers himself added: “I’m equally proud of my work as the killer in Halloween as I am for my work in Austin Powers.” Yeah baby, yeah!

Why Are Austin Powers Masks Selling Out for Halloween Now?