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The World Needs a Laugh, So Here’s a Video of Fifth Harmony’s Security Mistaking Becky G for a Stage Crasher

This has been a truly terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week and it’s only Tuesday afternoon here in New York. Between a mass shooting, the loss of Tom Petty, and Trump’s already disastrous visit to Puerto Rico, the world could use a laugh. Or, at the very least, a respite from the severity of our turmoil. We now present to you this video of Becky G (erstwhile Power Ranger/pop star) being pulled from Fifth Harmony’s stage by security who mistook her for a crazed fan when she was to meant be performing with them. Witness this (very dutiful) guard race after Becky G and yank her off by the arm like she’s just some regular stan. Watch as Ally Brooke struts offstage (still singing!) to retrieve her. Behold Normani Kordei go along with the choreography unfazed, because even she’s not sure if Becky G’s supposed to be there. Go ahead, let it out.

Fifth Harmony’s Security Thought Becky G Was a Stage Crasher