Playing House Canceled After 3 Seasons, Because We Apparently Can’t Have Anything Nice

Photo: Michael Yarish/USA Network

After three seasons USA Network will no longer be Playing House with Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham. In a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter, the network and Universal Cable Productions thanked the cast and crew for being “amazing partners for three incredible seasons,” and added, “It was an honor and privilege to be part of this best friendship. Once a Jammer, always a Jammer.” (Though it seems like one would have an easier time always being a Jammer if the show were permitted to continue.) THR notes that the decision comes as USA directs its focus toward moodier dramatic content like Mr. Robot and Colony.

Parham and St. Clair, the co-creators of Playing House and a living testament to the power of best friendship, confirmed in a borderline-tearful video that the show will not be returning for a fourth season, and shouted out Jammer nation for all their love and support. “We’re so thankful for all of you guys. You made it possible for us to tell the story we were always meant to tell,” said St. Clair, whose breast cancer diagnosis and treatment was an integral part of the final season’s narrative arc. But the comedians did not leave fans without something to look forward to, with Parham saying they’ve got some new material “in the cooker,” and that fans would soon be “tired of our faces.” St. Clair also provided some inspiring parting words: “If you think that they can keep a good bitch down, well I’m sorry, but they can’t.”

Playing House Canceled, Because We Can’t Have Anything Nice