Bob Weinstein’s Former Assistant Says She Told Him About His Brother Harvey’s Sexual Harassment Over 25 Years Ago

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Throughout producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual-abuse scandal, his brother and Weinstein Company co-founder Bob Weinstein has maintained that, while he knew Harvey was chronically unfaithful to his wife Georgina Chapman, Bob believed his brother was taking part in many consensual affairs, not sexually harassing, abusing, or assaulting women as has been alleged. In a New York Times report published Friday, however, Bob Weinstein’s ex-assistant Kathy DeClesis says her former boss should have known his brother was sexually harassing actresses and female employees throughout their working career together. After all, she “confronted” Bob Weinstein about it herself.

DeClesis says she became concerned about Harvey Weinstein’s pattern of sexual misconduct while working at Miramax. A young female employee quit abruptly after an “encounter” with Harvey Weinstein, reportedly “fleeing so quickly that she never claimed the extra shoes under her desk.” Bob Weinstein’s former assistant alleges she personally handed him a letter from the woman’s lawyer; the unnamed employee would reportedly go on to receive a settlement. “Your brother is a pig,” DeClesis recalls telling Bob Weinstein. When asked about the incident, Bob Weinstein’s lawyer Bert Fields told the Times, “Bob has no recollection of that happening.”

The New York Times report also brings to light another allegation of sexual harassment against the younger Weinstein brother, after The Mist executive producer Amanda Segel told Variety earlier this week that Bob Weinstein had allegedly propositioned her and pursued her, despite her clearly stated refusal to date him. Now, Buffy the Vampire Slayer EP Marti Noxon tells the Times that the producer became “belligerent” when she declined to work on several films he hoped she’d take on. According to Noxon, Bob Weinstein told her, “I don’t know if I really want to work with you, or if you’re just the girl who won’t” have sex with him. In response to the UnREAL executive producer’s accusations, Weinstein’s lawyer says there was “nothing belligerent or pressuring in his conversations” with Noxon, “and it sure as hell had nothing to do with sex.”

Bob Weinstein Ex-Assistant: He Knew About Harvey Decades Ago