Cardi B Is That One Friend Who Tells You Way Too Much About Her Sex Life

Cardi. Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

There are many things you should know about Cardi B — she had a No. 1 song, she makes more schmoney than you, she is the reigning queen of the Bronx, etc. — but one thing you probably didn’t know is that she has a very eventful sex life. In her first Rolling Stone cover, Cardi has opened up about the things many women tell only their closest friends, or their gynecologist. She starts by telling a story about the soap that gave her a terrible yeast infection, describing it by saying “my pussy was burnin’ like a Mexican taco!” She then goes on to lament about her tragic lack of birthday sex. Cardi, who recently turned 25, did not get to bone her then-boyfriend, now-fiancé Offset on the big day because he was off touring. “I was sad, because it’s like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’m not getting no dick on my birthday.’ But I wasn’t going to get dick on my birthday anyway, because I got my period,” she says, speaking on behalf of every woman who’s felt that pain. Had she received that greatest of birthday gifts, though, it unfortunately would not have been done safely: “Girl,” she tells RS, “I don’t even use a condom.” Trust Cardi to be both that friend who overshares and the one you need to lecture about protection.

Cardi B Is That One Friend Who’s TMI About Her Sex Life