Christian Bale and Amy Adams Have Transformed Into Dick and Lynne Cheney, and There’s No Getting Them Back, Sorry

Christian Bale as Dick Cheney. Photo:

In further evidence that he has zero chill, Christian Bale has embarked on a new full-body transformation to become Dick Cheney. The actor has committed to going all white-haired and egg-shaped in The Big Short director Adam McKay’s new biopic of the former vice-president, which covers his time serving as a Wyoming congressman up through his time in D.C. — with a few stops for hunting trips (and accidents) along the way.

Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney Photo:

The film also stars Amy Adams as a Kate McKinnon character Lynne Cheney, Dick’s wife. Here she is in a maroon suit, gesturing with much emotion. The film’s cast also includes Steve Carell as secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Sam Rockwell as Dubya.

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