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It Took Claire Foy Months to Master Pronouncing This One Boring Pronoun for The Crown

The gowns! The palace intrigue! The corgis! Everything about The Crown is unbelievably meticulous right down to the ashtrays, but sometimes Claire Foy wishes it wasn’t so bloody detailed — mostly because it was a pain in the bum to train her natural Manchester accent into something far more posh. One word, in particular, wreaked havoc on her Queen Elizabeth more than any other. “The only thing I’ve kept is how I pronounce one, which I say wun, which is completely wrong,” she explained about her preferred tongue. “It took me about five months of drilling of going one as opposed to wun. I still slip every once in a while. Matt [Smith] had his own whole situation with was and because.Better start practicing, Olivia Colman.

One-Word Pronunciation Haunted Claire Foy in The Crown