Co–Head Writers Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly Leave Saturday Night Live

Photo: NBC

If you weren’t completely mesmerized by Ryan Gosling’s nonstop breaking during last night’s Saturday Night Live season premiere, you might have noticed two familiar names missing from the show’s credits. Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly, the now former co–head writers of NBC’s long-running late-night staple, have both left SNL to work on other projects. As indicated in the credits, which you can peep below, Saturday Night Live veterans Bryan Tucker and Kent Sublette will continue on as co–head writers, as of the show’s season-43 debut. Schneider and Kelly were promoted to co–head writers last August, after being hired to the show in 2011. According to Deadline, the pair are devoting their time to a “siblings comedy” pilot they shot with Broadway Video for Comedy Central.

Co–Head Writers Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly Leave SNL