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Cole Sprouse Reads a Poem He Wrote As a Child, Back When He Was Some Sort of Li’l Psycho Baby

As a mom, pretty much all your hopes and dreams hinge on the quiet prayer that your child doesn’t grow up to be stab-happy. So Mrs. Sprouse was probably not thrilled to receive the off-putting poem her son Cole wrote her when he was a child, which the Riverdale star read on last night’s Late Night. “If anyone ever takes us apart,” he wrote. “I’d repeatedly stab them in the heart.” Wow. Dark. So maybe Mrs. Sprouse reminded herself that it’s good for kids to get the stabbing out of their system through poetry or song, sports or dance. It’s healthy. Or maybe not. The poem does have a significant amount of stabbing. No judgement on stabbing poems. It’s just not what a mom wants to see when she receives a poem, that’s all, at least one written by her child.

Cole Sprouse Reads Creepy Childhood Poem He Wrote His Mom