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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s New Opening Casts Rebecca As Eminem and Carrie Underwood

Photo: The CW

In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s season-three opening sequence, Rebecca Bunch is out for revenge, and pulling quadruple duty: She’s a country singer (à la Carrie Underwood), pop diva, rock star, and … Eminem. In an interview with E! News, Rachel Bloom and her co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna say their decision to re-create pop music videos is all about challenging the mainstream’s conception of what it means to be crazy — and it also makes it simpler to not give too many plot details away as the season progresses. “Obviously, pop music is never meant to be the most nuanced portrayal of what people are like, but you hear the word crazy used over and over,” Bloom told E! “It’s probably the most common word used in pop music, and if you’re like my character, who’s trying to live her life by those things, it would be very confusing to get guidelines from listening to different pop songs. So that kind of informed us of the styling.” The show got frequent Taylor Swift collaborator Joseph Kahn to help them pull it off:

Uh oh uh oh uh oh, oh no no.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s New Opening Casts Rebecca As Eminem