See Elisabeth Moss Get in a Condom Tug-of-War in This Exclusive Clip From The Square

Claes Bang in The Square. Photo: Magnolia Pictures

The Square, Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund’s follow-up to Force Majeure, won the Palme d’Or at Cannes for its willingness to dive into the most uncomfortable situations imaginable. Of all the film’s uncomfortable moments, perhaps the most squirm-worthy comes after our hero Christian (Claes Band) sleeps with the journalist who’s interviewing him (Elisabeth Moss), when an argument about the condom turns into a literal tug-of-war. Some context: He’s recently had his wallet stolen, so he’s a little paranoid. More context: He’s also kind of an asshole. You can watch the scene in all its excruciating glory below. The Square opens in the U.S. October 27.

Watch the Infamous Condom Tug-of-War Scene inThe Square