dance like nobody's watching

Enjoy a Few GIFs of Haim’s Trademark Silly Dance Moves in Their ‘Little of Your Love’ Video

Sequels are everywhere: in blockbuster superhero movies, in long-running fantasy book series, and, and now, in music videos for L.A.-based yearnful pop trios. After showing off their silly dance moves in the very L.A. video for “Want You Back,” Haim is back at it again with “Little of Your Love,” which moves from the streets to inside the club and was directed by their new frequent collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson. True to form, the vibe is a kind of G-rated Instagram-era Boogie Nights, with plenty of shimmying, clapping, and one big ol’ disco ball.

That look when you seamlessly transition into the club.

A Haim duo.

Now, the full Haim trio! (The Haim sisters love the dramatic step back. It’s one of their favorite moves.)

Step and turn and step step clap.

When you want to get out of an awkward situation, but you’re still feeling the beat. (Like we said, the Haim sisters love the dramatic step back.)

Haim, bless them, has already provided the world with a set of dorky dance moves to do in the mirror while listening to Haim.

Enjoy Some GIFs of Haim’s Moves in ‘Little of Your Love’