Former Apprentice Producer Says Trump Would Make Sexist and Racist Comments When Discussing Whom to Fire

Donald Trump. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Ever since the presidential campaign, many involved in The Apprentice have discussed Donald Trump’s inappropriate behavior and comments on the show. Though the alleged damning tapes that have been promised have not surfaced, you can get a sense of the character of Trump’s behavior in a new interview from producer Bill Pruitt with NPR. In it, Pruitt says that when producers would talk to Trump about whom to fire, Trump would make sexist comments about women, as well as racist and anti-Semitic remarks. The former producer described the comments as “very much a racist issue.” “When you heard these things, there’s the audible gasp that is quickly followed by a cough,” Pruitt said. “And then you just sort of carry on.” He added that he felt like he had no choice but to let the remarks slide: “It was not my place to be, hey, TV star, you know, reason we’re all here, shut your [expletive] damn mouth, and don’t ever, ever repeat what you just said. Of course, you know, you think that. You go back to your hotel room or your apartment that they put you up in. And you know, you do some soul-searching.”

For its part, the White House responded to Pruitt’s claims by saying that they were “the same recycled and false attacks.” (Pruitt tweeted about Trump’s Access Hollywood comments last fall.) Those looking for supporting evidence for Pruitt’s claims can look at the many other damning things Trump has said on the record.

Ex-Apprentice Producer Says Trump Made Racist Comments