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Exclusive: Spin the Bottle Gets Super Bloody in the First Trailer for The Babysitter

Cole has a big crush on his hot babysitter, Bee (Samara Weaving). One night, he decides to sneak around and see what she gets up to after he falls asleep. What starts as a voyeur experience of a game of spin the bottle between Bee and her fellow attractive upperclassmen turns all kinds of dark when Cole sees her kill someone in the name of blood sacrifice. Turns out Bee and her buddies — played by Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne, Andrew Bachelor, and Hana Mae Lee — are in a Satanic cult. High-school popularity politics are so weird. In this first trailer for McG’s The Babysitter, there’s a lot of blood, two girls making out, a shirtless Amell, and Thorne in a cheerleading uniform arguing that, yes, people have always performed human sacrifices, but her livestreamed approach is new, notably because it takes place “in America with hot people.” You can share in the cult ritual when The Babysitter premieres on Friday the 13th on Netflix.

Exclusive: First Trailer for Horror Comedy The Babysitter