‘Full Frontal’s Miles Kahn Checks in on His Grandma in Florida: “People Are Actually Fighting Now”   

Here’s a fun segment from last night’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, where executive producer Miles Kahn visits his grandma in South Florida, where a once calm and elderly Jewish town has been torn apart politically since Donald Trump won the election. “People are actually fighting now,” Kahn’s grandma tells him. “You know, I always say one thing: People that are nasty, they say ‘Yeah, that’s because they got old.’ No – they were nasty when they were young. They get nastier as they get older.” To get a feel for the local political tension himself, Kahn accompanies his grandma to one of the local debate events, which turns out to be a pretty scary microcosm of how both Democrats and Republicans deal with the most divisive POTUS in history. At the end of the segment, Kahn asks his grandma if she has hope that we’ll get through the rest of the Trump presidency. “I do have hope,” she responds, “because all these people will be gone by then. All these people will die!”

‘Full Frontal’s Miles Kahn Checks in on His Grandma in […]