Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Up Over Possible New York Times and New Yorker Exposés

Harvey Weinstein. Photo: Tim Boxer/Getty Images

Both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety report that Harvey Weinstein has assembled a team of high-powered lawyers in advance of what are said to be “explosive” stories planned about the mogul in both the New York Times and The New Yorker. Times reporters have apparently been in touch with numerous Miramax and Weinstein Co. employees, and are said to have also acquired internal human-resources documents relating to Weinstein’s conduct; the New Yorker story comes from Ronan Farrow, who has reportedly been working on the piece for a year. According to Variety, Weinstein has reached out to the Clintons’ crisis manager Lanny Davis, while THR mentions sexual-harassment specialist Lisa Bloom, and Charles Harder, the lawyer who represented Hulk Hogan in the Gawker case. Weinstein told Variety he was not aware of any stories in the works about him because he was too busy in the editing room for The Current War.

Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Up in Advance of Possible Exposés