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Russian Film Executive Says Harvey Weinstein Sexually Harassed Her at Film Festivals

Katya Mtsitouridze. Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Katya Mtsitouridze, CEO of Russia’s state film board Roskino and host of Russian TV series This Is Cinema, is the latest woman to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Mtsitouridze says that Weinstein sexually harassed her at the Venice Film Festival in 2004. The pair reportedly met at the Berlin Film Festival in 2003, and the TV host says Weinstein would often invite her up to his hotel room and offer to fly her to New York. She says she would always decline, but in Venice, Weinstein moved their public meeting into his hotel room at the last minute. As in many of the accusations, she says Weinstein’s assistant then disappeared, and the mogul greeted her in only a bathrobe, telling her that his masseuse was late, but that they could “have fun without her.” She says he also described himself as a “guru” and told her “you will love it.” Mtsitouridze says she only escaped when a waiter entered the room to bring Champagne. She says she avoided Weinstein for years afterward, but crossed paths with him at Cannes a decade later, where he allegedly whispered to her, “Don’t even think about saying anything, forget all about it, be a smart girl.”

Russian Host Says Weinstein Sexually Harassed Her at Venice