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Facts of Life Actress Heather Kerr Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Sexual Assault

Heather Kerr. Photo: ABC News

At a press conference called by Gloria Allred on Friday, yet another woman came forward with a story of sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein. Heather Kerr, an actress who appeared in episodes of The Facts of Life, Trapper John, M.D., and Mama’s Family, says Weinstein sexually assaulted her during a business meeting. “He said if he was going to introduce me around town he needed to know if I was ‘good.’ He kept repeating that word,” Kerr said, according to THR. She claims Weinstein then unzipped his pants and made her touch his penis. When she pulled her hand back, she says, he told her that this was simply the way Hollywood worked. Kerr claims that she was so traumatized by the experience that she stopped acting soon after; her IMDb page lists no roles after 1988.

Another Actress Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Sexual Assault