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Here’s Timothée Chalamet, Hip-Hop Prodigy, Rapping About Statistics for Two Minutes

Statistics! Statistics! Call Me by Your Name star Timothée Chalamet was a high-school rap prodigy, according to a video uncovered by blogger My New Plaid Pants. Four short years ago, ya boy Lil Timmy Tim rapped about statistics, problem sets, and his teacher Ms. Lawton. Come on — who among us hasn’t had to produce a goofy educational rap for extra credit? After Twitter cruelly suspended @ArmieDancingTo, news of Chalamet’s rap career is just the salve we need in these dark times.

Before you foolishly suggest Lil Timmy Tim was a one-hit wonder, observe: Here’s a 2011 rap — “15-year-old white boy, not Justin baby” — complete with a dougie. We stan:

Okay, so where’s the album?

Here’s Timothée Chalamet Rapping About Statistics