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Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie Trailer: Your Favorite Football Head Is Heading South of the Border

More than a decade after signing off Nickelodeon to make way for the iCarlys and Zoey 101s of the new world, we can finally hear Helga wail “HAIRBOY!” once again. That’s right — the trailer for the Hey Arnold! television movie has finally debuted after far too many teases, with this Jungle Movie promising a densely vegetated adventure that finds Arnold doing everything he can to locate his parents once and for all. And that’s because, very conveniently, he and the gang (!) at P.S. 118 get an all-expenses-paid field trip to the San Lorenzo jungle … a.k.a. where his mom and pop mysteriously disappeared years prior. It’ll air on November 24.

Hey Arnold! Movie Trailer: Your Fav Football Head Is Back!