Ilana Glazer Says She Fired ‘a Couple Dudes’ for Sexual Harassment

Glazer. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Like many other celebrities and non-famous women, Ilana Glazer wrote about her experience with sexual harassment on social media with the hashtag #MeToo. The trending hashtag was suggested by Alyssa Milano after the Harvey Weinstein scandal as a way of demonstrating how widespread and common the problem is. Glazer revealed on Instagram, “I’ve been sexually harassed countless times, in middle school, in high school — by more teachers than students!” The Broad City star also wrote that she “fired a couple dudes — one background actor and one sound guy.” Despite her place of power (she co-created and executive produces Broad City and Time Traveling Bong), Glazer’s accusations and decision to fire the perpetrators were still questioned. “I was asked ‘are you sure,’” Glazer added. “Okay yeah lemme think for a sec — YEAH I’M FUCKING SURE. cuz getting sexually harassed seems to be constant, but having the opportunity to do something about it is rare.”

Ilana Glazer ‘Fired a Couple Dudes’ for Sexual Harassment