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James Corden Demands to Know Why the U.S. Can’t Fix Its Gun Problem: ‘Gun Violence Should Not Be a Staple of American Life’

James Corden has only been living in the United States for two and a half years, but, as he noted in his Late Late Show cold open in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, he’s already seen the record for the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history set twice. That fact has left him in disbelief, searching for some explanation for why the U.S. has yet to reign in its rampant gun problem the way his home of England has made progress in doing. “Gun violence should not be a staple of American life,” he said. “Forgive me, because I’m just a foreigner here, and some of you may feel I have no place to say this, but how does every other developed country do a better job at preventing these attacks?” Inspired by a Robert Kennedy quote about gleaning wisdom from tragedy, Corden implored the president and government officials to “actually do something.”

James Corden Asks Why America Can’t Fix Its Gun Problem