Jim Carrey and Norm Macdonald Have a Delightful Chat on ‘Norm Macdonald Live’

The latest episode of Norm Macdonald Live dropped today, and if you want to watch Macdonald talk shop with Jim Carrey for over an hour, you’re going to love this one. Near the beginning, Macdonald tells a story about Man on the Moon, but almost better than the story is this exchange that precedes it:

Carrey: “Remember when you came and visited the set of Man on the Moon?” Macdonald: “Oh sure, yeah. I was also in the film.”

The two also talk about Carrey’s early comedy career, celebrity impressions, his thoughts on Donald Trump (“I gotta say, he’s a big disappointment. I was really pulling for him, but he’s a bit of a disappointment”), “sexual alchemy” and tantric sex, and how Carrey has “crossed the river of tears” into a new ego-free phase of his life. He also destroys some of the Norm Macdonald Live set since, for Carrey, nothing matters anyway. Plus, for good measure, he lays out the reality behind who Macdonald really is: “There’s no Norm Macdonald. Norm Macdonald is a name, he has a religion, he has a nationality, he has a hockey team that he loves – these are the fucking abstract fucking building blocks that he cobbles together into some sort of pseudo-fucking-personality that can be identified by the police!”

Jim Carrey and Norm Macdonald Have a Delightful Chat […]