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John Oliver Blasts Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Infuriating’ Excuses for Sexual Harassment

Last Week Tonight marked the one year anniversary of Donald Trump’s infamous leaked Access Hollywood tapes with John Oliver decrying another powerful man’s awful conduct toward women. Following up on the explosive exposé in the New York Times detailing super producer Harvey Weinstein’s long history of paying off sexual-harassment accusers, Oliver called Weinstein’s response to the allegations “infuriating.” After the story broke, Weinstein and his legal team admitted that he needed help, all while denying the claims and threatening to sue the paper. Weinstein also issued a bonkers official statement that attempted to shift the blame to “coming of age in the ‘60s and ‘70s when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different.” Oliver fired back, “Your excuse isn’t an excuse. In fact, it isn’t even an excuse for that behavior in the ‘60s.”

John Oliver Blasts Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Infuriating’ Behavior