You Could’ve Flown to Europe and Back in the Amount of Time It Took Justin Bieber to Get His New Tattoo

Art du jour.

Justin Bieber is a fella who knows what he wants. And what he wants is a massive, complex tattoo covering the vast majority of his torso … and maybe a few more number-one records? That seems pretty reasonable. The Biebs debuted this new ink on Instagram earlier today, where it appears he decided to permanently get a few images of gargoyles, spooky skeletons, archways, and some religious motifs plastered on his body for the whole world to see and critique. (You know he has a crazy amount of tattoos, right? Are you a true fan?) Anyway, sincere kudos to Bieber for laying down for 20+ hours to get these bad boys on his body for all of eternity. He might be on par with Ed Sheeran’s ink-tastic endeavors now.

Justin Bieber’s New Torso Tattoo Took Over 20 Hours