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Keanu Reeves Clones His Family Back to Life in the New Trailer for Replicas

Keanu Reeves’s newest sci-fi flick has the 53-year-old actor bringing back the dead (sort of). In the trailer for Replicas, Keanu plays a synthetic biologist, William Foster, who brings his family back to life as clones after they were killed in a car crash, and secretly transfers their consciousnesses into their new robotic forms. Thomas Middleditch co-stars as Fosters’s fellow scientist working on their ethically questionable project, and Alice Eve plays Fosters’s wife (both in her human and clone forms). With its subject matter delving into the ethics of synthetic memories in android-like robots, this film’s replicas feel similar to Westworld’s hosts and Blade Runner’s replicants. Watch the trailer, which was released at New York Comic Con on Thursday, above.

Keanu Reeves Clones Family Back to Life in Replicas Trailer