Kim Cattrall on Her Sex and the City Co-stars: ‘We’ve Never Been Friends’

Kim Cattrall. Photo: Jason Bahr/Getty Images for SeriesFest

Dun dun duh-duh, dun dun duh: The Sex and the City 3 saga continues. Kim Cattrall would very much like to be excluded from this sequel’s narrative, one that she, apparently, never asked to be a part of. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Cattrall says that even though she loved playing Samantha Jones, she wasn’t close to her co-stars. “We’ve never been friends,” Cattrall said. “We’ve been colleagues and in some way, it’s a very healthy place to be.” As for rumors surrounding her diva demands for the third installment? Cattrall wishes those colleagues — specifically Sarah Jessica Parker — would’ve been nicer about her decision to skip the third movie. “I never asked for any money,” she told Morgan. “I never asked for any projects, to be thought of as some kind of diva is absolutely ridiculous.” If you’re so desperate for Sam Jones and her one-liners, Cattrall has an idea: Why not bring on another actress — maybe black or Hispanic — to revive Sam? Now there’s an idea to make you wonder.

Kim Cattrall Says She and Her SATC Co-stars Weren’t Friends