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In His SNL Monologue, Kumail Nanjiani Says Islamophobia Is Like Will & Grace: Back and Bigger Than Ever

Last night, Kumail Nanjiani, comedian and star of The Big Sick, riffed on an extremely sensitive topic affecting a lot of people: the return of Will & Grace to NBC. “Islamophobia is kind of like Will & Grace, you know? It was huge a while ago, and then we thought it was gone and done, and now it’s back and bigger than ever! Thursdays on NBC!” he joked. “They make me say that.” Fortunately, Nanjiani has dreamt up a solution: Save every racist in the world from a pack of wolves, forcing them to go on a journey of soul-searching that ends with the abandonment of their prejudiced worldview. Which, by the way, is a show we would 100 percent watch if it were on NBC’s Thursday night lineup.

Kumail Nanjiani Compares Islamophobia to Will & Grace on SNL