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Lady Dynamite 2 Has So Many Great Cameos Because Who Wouldn’t Agree to Spend an Afternoon With Maria Bamford?

The second season of Netflix’s Lady Dynamite, the show starring and inspired by Maria Bamford, is so overflowing with love and joy, of course a who’s who of comedic talent would want to appear in it. Not only do you get to, you know, perform your craft, you get to spend time with Maria Bamford in 2017. I can say from experience — she is the first guest of the new season of my podcast, Good One, which starts up on Monday, October 23 — it is uncommonly life-brightening. You’ll get to feel it for yourself on November 10, but until then, let the trailer and its jokes and smiles wash over you like a waterfall that isn’t too powerful and is a nice temperature and for some reason doesn’t result in you getting wet, so you can comfortably go on with your day.

Lady Dynamite Has the Best Cameos on Netflix