Laura Grey Meets the Witches Trying to Take Donald Trump Down on ‘The Opposition’

Comedy Central gave us a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, and it’s the perfect segment to celebrate a Halloween that also happens during a week full of Trump-related controversy. Citizen Journalist Laura Grey heads to Baltimore to interview one of many groups of witches who cast a binding spell on Trump during every waning crescent moon, then meets up with David Kubal, president of a Christian group called Intercessors for America that’s using prayer in an attempt to counteract the witches’ spells. Kubal’s definition of prayer? “A prayer is asking the Lord to change things that I want to see happen.” Kubal’s definition of a witch’s spell? “Well, a spell is certain words that are spoken with the expectation that supernatural forces will accomplish something that you want to accomplish.” “Which is crazy!” Grey responds. Watch the full segment above.

Laura Grey Meets the Witches Trying to Take Donald […]